Is your annual conference on the horizon? Make your content go further and expand the reach of your continuing education (CE) program when you repurpose your event.

Read on for strategies to repurpose your annual conference content, engage more learners, and increase your CE revenue.

Why should your CE program repurpose annual conference content?  

When you limit your annual conference content to in-person learners, you miss out on an entire segment of attendees. Here are three reasons your CE program should consider repurposing content 

  1. Expand your reach. When you repurpose content from your annual conference, your CE program will reach a larger audience. Repurposing some of your most attended or hot-topic sessions can also help you attract new learners to your program.  
  2. Engage more learners. Due to busy schedules, some learners may be unable to attend a multi-day annual conference, but when you offer virtual learning opportunities, you increase the chance that more learners can attend your conference.
  3. Drive more revenue. When you capture your annual conference sessions and repurpose the content in your CE program, you can generate additional revenue. Learners will want to see what they missed at your annual conference, helping you get more bang for your buck. You can also offer a portion of your event to non-members at an elevated cost. 

Tips to repurpose your annual conference content 

Now that you have a better understanding of why your CE program should repurpose content, it’s time to get started. Follow these tips to repurpose your annual conference content: 

1. Live stream. Try live streaming your annual conference to offer virtual and in-person attendee options for your learners. To decide whether live streaming is a good option to stretch your content, you’ll want to find out production requirements and costs.

If you need to consider cost when live streaming your annual conference, try streaming on-demand sessions, hot-topic conversations, and other options that will drive viewership.  

TECH TIP: Choose Freestone to schedule production services and book a team of professionals to record your annual conferences. Freestone’s professional team can stream your event, helping you reach more learners.    

2. Conference capture. If live streaming your event is cost prohibitive, you can choose to record your event and broadcast it to your learners at a later date. Recording your annual conference helps make your content go further and offers more opportunities for learners to engage with your event and for you to divide up your sessions to create new courses for your program.

TECH TIP: With Freestone’s production services, easily capture your next annual conference. Your CE program can then repurpose the recordings in future course offerings, building out your content library.

3. Rebroadcast content.
After you capture your conference, consider rebroadcasting the event to expand your CE program’s reach. Repurposing your content through broadcast helps learners in different time zones or regions access your program’s conference to be able to access the content at a time that works for them.

Rebroadcasted content offers increased learning flexibility and reliable delivery. When you incorporate chat, Q&A, and checkpoint features, learners can meet the necessary CE requirements.

TECH TIP: Ensure your learners meet needed CE requirements with Freestone’s virtual chat, Q&A, and live-polling options. Freestone fosters connection and community across your CE program helping your content appeal to more learners.

4. On-demand offerings. Repurposing your conference in an on-demand format makes your content go even further. Consider offering on-demand access to your entire conference, or allow learners to pick and choose sessions of interest to make viewing your content even more convenient.   

TECH TIP: Make it easy for your CE staff to deliver both on-demand and live content with Freestone. Providing both on-demand and live content options will boost learner engagement and attract more learners to your program.


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