The best way to engage learners is to make them active stakeholders in their own learning. So, here are seven learner engagement strategies to increase activity for you to integrate into your learning programs.

1. Engagement with a robust LMS

The goal of implementing any continuing education software is to encourage learners to keep coming back over time. It is also important to provide a flexible, streamlined user experience that makes it easy for learners to engage with content and meet their professional development needs. Along with that, you need to consider the benefits of managing online courses, data, and continuing education and more – from start to finish in one platform in order to reduce staff time on labor-intensive administrative tasks and provide interactive dynamic content.

2. Understand the needs and skills of your learners.

While the standard practice is to review performance data to determine learning needs and skills, KPIs might not be readily available and don’t necessarily encompass the entire picture. Obtain feedback straight from your members, the learners themselves. Personal interaction is one of the best ways to engage and motivate learners. Other approaches may be hosting interviews, observations, focus group discussions, surveys, and even brief informal conversations.

3. Set clear learning goals

Setting and communicating clear learning goals in a language that your members can relate to is a great way to capture your audience’s attention right from the start. Learners perform better when they know what exactly is expected of them.

4. Make learning relevant and convenient

Since you are already opening talking with your learners be sure to offer courses that are coordinated with what their specific current needs. Drive your engagement up by fueling them with the assistance they truly need. At the same time providing added personalization to your learning content makes your members feel appreciated and heard.

5. Be open to communication and feedback

Find out what is important to your members so you can tailor your communications. Some may prefer monthly communications versus weekly. You can maximize your robust LMS by providing surveys after a course is finished. This allows you to eventually add another layer of personalization to complete your successful marketing learner strategy.

6. Include interactivity

Learners can be impatient with consuming your content depending on which type of learning works for them. Combat this with interactivity like pop quizzes, videos, and drag-and-drop activities that encourage curiosity. Other approaches for synchronous courses (like webinars) are polling, and annotation tools. Reward learners for engagement for completing the interactivity tasks or highlight the participants going above and beyond.

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7. Use more of what you already have

Not starting from scratch creates an easier and streamlined approach of asking: What is our headline? And what do we want them to attend this month? Leverage your marketing automation tools to infuse dynamic content and create templates that you can then repurpose. Consider turning long content into short opportunities or build an image and a video that covers the same information in two assorted styles.

Associations and events professionals in our Community Brands 2021 Association Trends Survey revealed that 78 percent of professionals say they are working harder than before. At the core of this problem is a long-simmering tension between the types of learning options association members are looking for and the ones association professionals prioritize.

Freestone allows associations to quickly roll out learning content without having to build complex courses or manage multiple platforms. Make your members active stakeholders in their own learning with our strategies and the tools and functionality to deliver a powerful learning experience that meets the needs of both presenters and participants.

To learn more about how Freestone contact us today for a guided demo of the platform.

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