For over ten years, the
Law Society of Ontario (LSO) has been a Freestone LMS customer. Discover how LSO has leveraged Freestone to enhance webcasting and expand its continuing education (CE) audience. 


Why the Law Society of Ontario chose Freestone LMS to transform its CE program 

The Law Society of Ontario (LSO) regulates all lawyers and paralegals in the province of Ontario, overseeing more than 68,000 members. LSO offers 90 live programs a year and webcasts most content to increase accessibility and reach more learners. Programs are also offered on-demand and as live replays to boost learner engagement.

Here are six ways LSO utilizes Freestone LMS:  

1. Offers live webcasts of CE programs.
Webcasting uses an encoder to stream to a learning management system or video streaming platform. A webcast offers high-quality, produced content to your learners, with videos, presentation slides, graphics, and other media. LSO webcasts its live CE programs using Freestone to ensure learners have superior content offerings.  

TECH TIP: To ensure your webcasting efforts are successful, Freestone has an on-staff production team that can manage webcasting services virtually or support your CE program in-person.

2. Provides on-demand CE options. LSO leverages the Freestone on-demand learning feature to reach more learners in Ontario. By offering more on-demand CE courses, members can learn at their own pace. 

TECH TIP: Choose Freestone to customize your CE program and meet your learners’ needs. Build learner checkpoints into your on-demand CE programs, ensuring your learners hit industry credit standards. 

Include hybrid learning features.  LSO leverages the Auxiliary Viewer within Freestone – a feature that empowers both virtual and in-person CE attendees. With the Auxiliary Viewer feature, all learners submit questions or respond to a chat virtually. This can streamline your speaker Q&A process and ensure all attendees have an equal chance to ask questions.  

TECH TIP: Boost the learner experience with Freestone LMS and the Auxiliary Viewer feature. Allow in-person and virtual attendees to submit questions and participate in discussions, driving a deeper learner connection.

4. Customizable platform. LSO also uses Freestone to personalize the learner experience. Because Freestone LMS is a customizable platform, LSO staff can ensure all aspects of the LMS match its brand and messaging. 

TECH TIP: Choose customizable Freestone to match your CE program’s brand and messaging. With Freestone, you can design custom HTML tabs to personalize the learning experience.

5. Diversifies learning offerings. LSO leverages Freestone to increase content options for learners. LSO can drive learning engagement with features like live polling, Q&A sessions, and virtual chats. Utilizing these features ensures members participate in webcasts, live replays, and on-demand CE programs, driving learner engagement. 

TECH TIP: With Freestone, boost learner engagement across your CE program with our virtual chat feature. Encourage community and connection in virtual CE programming with live polling and Q&A sessions.

6. Customer support. If LSO ever has an issue with the Freestone platform, support staff are quick to respond. Freestone offers live technical support for learners and staff, as well as a dedicated account director who functions as another member of your team, helping you with feature updates.   

“The Freestone Team is readily available to answer any questions we may have or help steer us in the right direction,” said Rob Katsopoulos Technology Manager of the Law Society of Ontario. “Their support has really helped us continue to grow.”  


How the Law Society of Ontario leveraged Freestone to expand its CE audience 

LSO has experienced great success over the ten years that they’ve worked with Freestone LMS, and their CE program has continued to grow. Last year LSO had over 47,000 webcast attendees. Since 2019, LSO’s webcast registration has increased by 40% and revenue has increased by 12.3%! 

In the future, LSO plans to continue utilizing Freestone to enhance its CE program and reach more learners. “Freestone has been a great tool for LSO,” said Katsopoulos. “Moving forward, we see a lot of opportunities that will help us evolve.”

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