Unlock the hidden ROI of your live event with Freestone LMS

Webinar | How to Effectively Sell & Incorporate Sponsorships into your CE Webinars

April 30th | 11:30AM ET 

For many organizations, in-person events are a dependable revenue generator year in and out. But you may be leaving money on the table if you stop the revenue opportunities on the last day of the conference. Why limit your earnings to just the event’s duration? Discover how extending the reach of your live event content through alternate delivery methods can significantly increase your return on your investment while connecting with more learners.  

In this session, we will discuss proven strategies for unlocking the hidden ROI of your live events, including:

  • Capturing or streaming your live event to reach a broader audience 
  • Highlighting sponsors to generate additional revenue within your courses  
  • Repurposing content into various on-demand packages
  • Leveraging learning management system (LMS) tools and supporting services to make stretching your content easy
Headshot of Jessica Metzler Jessica Metzler
Director of Operations
Freestone LMS

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