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Easily deliver learning to audiences of all sizes.

Freestone is the association industry’s most relied upon platform to deliver live webinars, webcasts, and on-demand courses.
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Smart features that your learners and staff will love.

Whether you are looking for your first LMS or already have an advanced online learning program, Freestone has all the capabilities needed to support your education strategy.

Program administration

Streamline and manage courses, data, and continuing education – from start to finish. Easily create the content your learners desire with one centralized learning hub that saves you hours.

Webinars and webcasts

Easily organize, schedule, deliver, and track live webinars and webcasts. Quickly create and host live events with simple and intuitive host controls. Build a scalable content strategy and better member value, while driving revenue.

Flexible Live Event Types

Allow presenters to easily connect their audio and video through a computer webcam to deliver engaging live online events. Utilize webcasts, rebroadcasts, and webinars to expand your event audience all while driving engagement.

Continuing Education and Certification Tracking

Manage continuing education requirements, and deliver certification based on your unique needs. Issue and track certifications at the course and chapter level. Maximize your revenue by offering credentialing and certification programs in a variety of formats.

Integration with the Latest Technology

Create a seamless member experience with single sign-on, catalog, order/shopping cart, and credit/course completions data integrations. A seamless learning experience that allows you to capture, analyze, and report on valuable data without the extra work of having to manually transfer registration and credit data into your AMS or CRM.

Interactivity Tools

Assess learners at any time during the course, including pre and post test. Monitor learner participation via Q&A, group chat, real-time polling, surveys, checkpoints, and robust quizzing. Whether you need a mid-course check-in or end-of course quiz, Freestone has you covered.

Key features of Freestone LMS

Expand the reach of your content and meet the needs of varied learner preferences with easy-to-use tools that enable efficient and effective continuing education delivery.

Branded learning portal

Make a great first impression with a fully branded and customized online learning portal. Create a unified learning experience by matching Freestone’s interface to your website and brand.


Use the learner dashboard to show admins where their learners stand – courses completed and current progress. Improve learner outcomes with reporting that gives you insight into what’s working and what’s not. Easily quantify the value your learning program delivers to your business.

Multi-Device Support

Empower your learners to take courses whenever and wherever is most convenient to them. Quickly launch any course from anywhere, on any device.
Learning Management System

The learning management system to help you reach your strategic goals

Expand the reach of your content and meet the needs of varied learner preferences with easy-to-use tools that enable efficient and effective continuing education delivery.

Efficiently manage your learning program

You need a learning management system that enables your admins to do it all easily. Your admins need to be able to manage course creation, categorize courses, enroll users, and pull reports quickly and easily so your admins don’t spend unnecessary time on mundane tasks.

Drive non-dues revenue

Your ability to drive revenue from your learning program depends largely on your ability to create great content. If your existing content is disorganized or difficult to download, administrative tasks are a headache, or your association is lacking the support it needs to provide members with quality educational content, it’s time to consider upgrading your learning management system. Your revenue is depended on it.

Increase learner engagement

The world of learning and education is constantly changing. Your learning management system (LMS) should help drive learner engagement. Leverage turnkey webinars, webcasts and on-demand streaming with interactivity tools to measure learner engagement through a fully-branded learning portal.
Learning Management System

Freestone is a trusted learning partner and industry leader.

Our award-winning learning solution and services reflect decades of experience spent listening to our clients and continuously developing our solution to meet each organization’s unique learning needs.

Trusted client support for you and your learners

Whether you’re looking for an answer from a product expert or your learners need assistance, our team is always ready to lend a hand. (And our clients agree – Freestone proudly has a 99.5% client satisfaction rating!)

Dependable partner

When you work with us, our team becomes part of your learning team. We are your dependable partner in your success today and tomorrow.

Education leaders rave about Freestone.

Our testimonials show how our LMS features benefit our customers.

Charmayne Cochran

Member Experience Coordinator
“Working with Freestone, I can tell you over the past several years has been nothing but positive. I cannot say enough good about Freestone. It’s that extra touch that has helped us, so, so much!”

Bella Stewart

Education Manager
“The Community Brands platform and support team made it possible for our organization to offer quality educational programs to our members. This would not be possible without the robust and user-friendly platform.”

Jane Points

ECLE Coordinator
“Found a solution that was not only significantly easier to build and manage, but also much more cost effective than we had imagined. Partners worked with us on a daily basis to integrate seamlessly with our association database, to create multiple virtual classrooms, a virtual exhibitor showcase, virtual meeting spaces for our members, and created a flexible way for us to record our seminar and offer it for on demand viewing.”

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