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Content Creation


We offer more than just award-winning learning management software. We also offer expert content creation services.

Our team’s skills, experience, and deep knowledge of learning technology make us your ideal online course development partner. With our content creation services, you get:

An experienced, award-winning team

Content development interoperability

Cost and risk control

An array of SCORM-compliant formats

An industry focus

Impeccable design practice

As little or as much help as you need.

As little or as much help as you need.

Course design options:

Content Conversion

This basic option converts your existing PowerPoint slides – which might include images, charts, and short video segments – into a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)-compliant course. The result: content that users can easily navigate, track progress through, and mark as completed.

Course Build (Streamlined)

With this option, our team reviews a storyboard provided by your subject matter expert (SME) and makes content, presentation, and copyediting recommendations. The resulting course design includes simple interactions, such as drag-and-drop exercises and matching questions, and about 45 minutes of audio recorded by our voice talent or your SME.

Course Build (Extensive)

With this advanced option, our team works with your SME to provide a comprehensive course build, including a storyboard, design options, and a prototype course. The final design includes high interactivity, audio, and optional video.

Our commitment

Our Content Creation Services include options to meet your needs for each content design project. No matter what options you choose, you always receive:

Reusable templates, with prototypes to test concepts

Iterative course development

SCORM-compliant raw and produced files

Mobile-optimized content that works well on all major browsers and platforms

Smart features that your learners and staff will love.

Trust Freestone LMS to deliver impactful and interactive content to your learners that advances their education and career goals.


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