Offer members a seamless experience with Freestone & YourMembership AMS.

Explore how this duo can help increase engagement, improve the member experience, and diversify your revenue stream.
Offer members a seamless experience with Freestone & YourMembership AMS.


Deliver powerful learning content to your members.

With Freestone and YourMembership, you can make it easy for your small staff to deliver powerful learning content to members with benefits like:

Flexible learning options

Empower your learners to take courses whenever and wherever is most convenient to them.

More non-dues revenue

Use Freestone’s intuitive tools to repurpose your learning content and generate more revenue.

Efficient learning programs

Streamline and manage online courses, data, and continuing education – from start to finish.

Impactful integration

Improve productivity and create a seamless member experience with single sign-on and data integrations.


Additional features that your members and staff will love:

Single sign-on

Provide a seamless user experience, from your website and member pages to your learning catalog and classroom, with consistent branding on every page.

Order sync

Reduce manual efforts by offering a single e-commerce experience that allows learners to purchase what they need in YourMembership and have it available in Freestone.

Credit sync

Allow members to track their learner progress in their AMS profile. Once courses are submitted in Freestone, the course is marked completed in YourMembership.

Integrate Freestone LMS with YourMembership AMS for a seamless experience for your members and staff.


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