Associations frequently use learning management systems (LMS) platforms to deliver ongoing continuing education to their members. Depending on the specific industry of your association, this can include providing state and/or board-required certifications, maintenance credits, or other training needs. In addition to satisfying your association’s specific industry requirements, it also provides your members with the opportunity to advance their careers. 

An effective LMS should integrate with your association management system (AMS) allowing learners to easily find and consume content while sharing valuable member data. Most important though, is its ability to generate revenue for your association. 

What is an LMS in simple terms? 

A LMS is a type of software used for creating, managing, and delivering eLearning content. LMS platforms are also used as a communication tool with learners, as well as tracking their performance. Courses can either be created with the help of native learning management system tools such as documents, quizzes, links, or uploaded with SCORM compliant requirements. 

What types of associations use LMS? While any association can and should utilize a learning platform, the most common industries that prioritize the use of an LMS include legal associations, healthcare, higher education, and trade associations. Shopping for an LMS might bring you to sites like ReviewMyLMS, this brief video by Tagoras founders Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb walks through the basics of what an LMS is and how it can work well for learning businesses. 

What is considered an LMS?

Any type of organization can use an LMS. Businesses use them to foster ongoing training and education for their employees, and schools use them to manage e-learning. 

A learning management system is an effective tool to create, deliver and manage training eLearning content effectively. itech recently highlighted the top benefits:  

  • More organized learning 
  • It’s cost-effective 
  • Tracking and analytics 
  • Can be upgraded easily 
  • Different learning methods 
  • Helps to create engaging and interactive courses 
  • Makes learning fun and interesting 
  • Branding 
  • Good support team 

How can an LMS help your association? 

By providing members with valuable certifications that could further their careers and access new opportunities, learning management platforms are used to create a dynamic continuing education plan. 

According to a 2021 association report, 71% of association professionals listed non-dues revenue as a top strategic priority. Leveraging your LMS to help create that revenue is a fantastic way to accomplish this.  

Preferred methods of learning are continually changing every month, week, and year. Previously we showed how 70% of members increased their short video, recorded webcast and more. That amount is sure to have increased since with everyone being home and consuming content at a rapid rate. Be sure to build on your member value by providing your members with an array of learning opportunities in a variety of formats.

Ideal Ingredients

  • Single sign-on
    An efficient integration should allow your users to seamlessly access both your LMS and AMS platforms without multiple logins, preventing password fatigue and a poor user experience. Once logged in, your AMS can provide basic information about your learners that is then used to personalize their experience within the LMS.
  • Professional development credit tracking
    Once an end user meets all the requirements of the LMS course and successfully submits for credit, you can request the LMS send completion data back to the AMS. This ensures your AMS has the comprehensive member profile and transcript. This also allows you to incorporate all credit data into your AMS reporting.
  • Product sync and shopping cart
    Integrated shopping allows users to purchase multiple items from the AMS and LMS through one checkout experience. Take it one step further by enabling a catalog or product integration, which automatically syncs the products, description and credit, without the need for double entry, taking the burden off your staff.

What are the top Association LMS Solutions?

When it comes to offering an intuitive, easy-to-use LMS that integrates with a robust AMS system, one provider stands above the rest: Freestone – the Leading Learning Management System for Bar Associations

Freestone has continued to be highlighted as a top LMS solution. Below in alphabetical order, is a list of other other LMS solutions within bar associations, healthcare associations, higher education, and trade associations.

BlueSky eLearn offers LMS capabilities to several industries, including associations, legal education, professional education, and clinical. Their Path products deliver virtual events and educational content on any device. 

CourseStage LMS by Web Courseworks provides an association learning management system with integrated learning experience, reporting functionality, and adaptive learning to suit varying member needs.  

CommPartners provides associations with learning platform through its Elevate LMS. This platform allows organizations to organize hybrid events, virtual conferences, webinars, and webcasts using the Elevate hub. Elevate also has a community platform for networking, integrations, and reporting. 

Classroom24-7 develops, creates, executes, and maintains distance learning technologies and services. They offer services to help produce and sustain a remote learning program, that help student retention. 

Digitec Interactive provides professional and trade associations and nonprofits technology. This program uses what they call a “modified Agile Learning Development process” that provides checkpoints to ensure lessons are aligned with your association’s goals.

EthosCE technology solutions was designed with healthcare professionals in mind. This LMS has branding options, reporting, ACCME compliance guidelines, and networking.

Maple LMS offers a range of learning options, from AI-driven to offline, live, and on-demand options. In addition, users have unlimited courses and cloud storage. Integrations with Salesforce CRM are available.

Tessello from Capita is a learning platform that delivers, tracks, and optimizes learning across multiple teams and platforms. With customization options, Tessello features personalized learning pathways that are matched to skills frameworks and development goals, planning and reporting tools.

TOPYX provides education, training, and development programs in business, healthcare, and nonprofit industries.

Tovuti is used by organizations such as schools, businesses, and clinical organizations. Certain features require deeper understanding to be able to use, so time for initial setup is required. Coaching services are available to get the platform up and running.

TopClass by WBT Systems provides a platform to facilitate member eLearning. Associations can track and issue certifications and credits, plan virtual conferences and other events, issue assessments, and access accurate reporting using this LMS. Content catalogs allow learners to browse and purchase content options. Interactive polls and questions also help engagement.

Looking to learn more?

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