The South Carolina Bar has been a long-standing Freestone LMS customer. Discover how the South Carolina Bar leveraged Freestone to increase revenue and learner retention at its organization.

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How the South Carolina Bar transformed its CLE program with Freestone LMS

The South Carolina Bar is a mandatory unified Bar of 16,000 members. Bar members are required to take continuing legal education (CLE) courses, so the South Carolina Bar leverages the Freestone platform to offer live, hybrid, and on-demand programs. “We don’t have 100% of the market in South Carolina, we are competing in a robust marketplace for CLE attendance and dollars,” said Terry Burnett Director of CLE at the South Carolina Bar. “Freestone really helps us maintain our competitive edge.”

Here’s how the South Carolina Bar utilizes Freestone to boost learner retention: 

Five years ago, the South Carolina Bar introduced the CLE Big Ticket to offer innovative content options to its learners in a convenient subscription service. The CLE Big Ticket allows members to purchase a year-long subscription for an affordable price and register for a majority of South Carolina Bar’s live and in-person programs.  

Leveraging Freestone, the South Carolina Bar records all of its live programs and uses on demand content delivery to reach even more learners. Using Freestone’s live webcast and on-demand content options, the South Carolina Bar can engage more learners. Learners love the convenience of the CLE Big Ticket and love the variety of content delivery options.   

TECH TIP: With Freestone, the South Carolina Bar offers their learners flexibility with live webcast and on-demand content delivery options, driving engagement and boosting revenue.

How the South Carolina Bar leverages Freestone LMS to generate revenue 

The CLE Big Ticket has been a highly successful program for the South Carolina Bar. The organization considers it a real member benefit and accredits the program’s success to the Freestone platform. “There are two things Freestone does really well,” said Burnett. “First, Freestone listens to what our needs are. Our member and course needs at the South Carolina Bar are different from the needs of other companies, but Freestone actually listens. The second thing Freestone does well is they follow through. When they tell me they’re going to work on something, they actually do it.” 

Here’s how the South Carolina Bar leverages Freestone to drive revenue with the CLE Big Ticket:

When the CLE Big Ticket program launched, Barnett initially hoped to have a hundred subscribers. The program now has close to 1,000 learners. Since the program’s first year, the revenue growth has reached close to 600%. The South Carolina Bar has generated over $1 million dollars in revenue from the CLE Big Ticket.     

Freestone LMS has played a big part in the success of the CLE Big Ticket. The South Carolina Bar utilizes Freestone’s live webcast and on-demand learning features to increase learner engagement. Barnett explains that the South Carolina Bar has seen a boost in learner retention and learners who continue to buy the CLE Big Ticket year after year.   


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