Are you looking for strategies to advance your continuing education program in 2024? If your organization doesn’t already leverage hybrid learning, now is the time!  
Discover the perks of hybrid learning and tips to offer hybrid options at your continuing education program. Read our blog to get started! 

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning is a comprehensive approach to combining the best of in-person and online education to offer the best learning experience. In the hybrid educational model, a lecturer will teach students in-person and virtually at the same time  
Some hybrid learning courses might include asynchronous learning elements like pre-recorded content and virtual assessments to support in-person learning. A successful hybrid learning course will combine the best of virtual and in-person education, boosting learning accessibility and engagement. Hybrid learning also promotes flexibility and appeals to more learning types.

How to leverage your LMS to offer hybrid learning options

To create content that is conducive to both in-person and online learning environments, you’ll need the right technology. Choose a robust learning management system (LMS) to offer hybrid learning opportunities and take your continuing education program to the next level.

Here are four factors to look for in an LMS: 

1. Professional recording options.

To create an excellent experience for all your learners, you’ll need an LMS that offers professional recording options. An LMS with onsite production services can help take your live and on-demand content options to the next level.

Your LMS production services should include live technical support, online interactivity tools, rebroadcasting capabilities, and more. With the right team of production experts, you can deliver engaging and valuable content to online learners, ensuring that both virtual and in-person learners have an excellent experience. 

TECH TIP: Choose Freestone LMS to extend the reach of your learning content by offering hybrid opportunities. With Freestone’s live event capture team, you will receive both onsite production and post-production services, as well as more helpful features.

2. Learner engagement tools.

With the right LMS and interactive tools, you can ensure both virtual and live attendees get the most out of their hybrid learning courseLeverage your LMS to offer real-time polling features to stoke learner participation. Foster learner engagement with chat features to encourage conversation and promote networking   
Include asynchronous learning elements like self-assessments to help virtual attendees engage with the course as much as in-person attendees.  You can also use your LMS to ensure all learners can contribute to Q&A speaker sessions. 

TECH TIP: Leverage the Freestone Auxiliary Viewer to empower both virtual and in-person learners. The Auxiliary Viewer allows learners to submit questions, participate in discussions, contribute to polls, and more to drive a deeper learner connection.

3. Customization features.

Use your LMS to customize the learning experience, ensuring every element fits with your organization’s brand and messaging. Consider using your LMS to highlight event sponsorships, recognizing sponsors throughout your event and creating opportunities for your learners to connect with helpful services.

TECH TIP: Choose Freestone LMS for its customizable features. Your team can easily design custom HTML tabs to personalize the learning experience and thank event sponsors.

4. Interactive virtual activities.

By choosing the right LMS, you can make the virtual learning experience as similar as possible to the in-person experience. Consider offering a virtual component to your in-person learning activities to grow learner attendance.  
For example, try offering a poster hall where in-person attendees can demonstrate their knowledge to the lecturer and other attendees. Use your LMS to extend the poster hall to your virtual audience, ensuring all attendees can participate.

TECH TIP: Boost learner engagement with Freestone’s virtual engagement features. Encourage community and connection with Freestone’s advanced interactive tools.

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