You already understand why your organization should repurpose content. Repurposing content can save your continuing education program time, money, and energy as you attract new learners.

But does your organization know the best way to create compelling on-demand continuing education content? Read our blog to discover four helpful strategies to drive success at your organization.

When is it okay to repurpose content at your organization?

The short answer is this: it’s always okay to repurpose your content. Your organization can save great time and effort by repurposing content.

There are three major benefits you’ll find in repurposing your continuing education content:

  1. Reach a larger audience
  2. Engage more learners
  3. Boost your revenue


How to record and edit live presentations for online consumption

One way to repurpose your content offerings is to transform live presentations into on-demand learning resources. You can do so by sending in a team to record a special event, conference session, or webinar, and later rebroadcasting the presentation so more learners can view the content.

Some learning management system (LMS) teams offer live event capture services ensuring valuable content for online audiences. These services include onsite production, post-production, live streaming, on-demand, and more. Work with your LMS vendor to how they support your continuing education program as you repurpose content through rebroadcasts.

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What are rebroadcasts?

A rebroadcast is a replay of a previously recorded event aired on an earlier date and time. Your continuing education program can choose to rebroadcast an annual conference session, a webinar, or special event to engage more learners and repurpose content.

Rebroadcasts are a highly effective way to get more mileage out of your content. When you rebroadcast your existing continuing education content, you extend its life. You’ve likely already spent a lot of time and resources securing a speaker and venue for the event, so rebroadcasting it later ensures you get your money’s worth.

Tips to add interactive elements like quizzes and polls

Depending on your continuing education industry, you likely have specific requirements for learners to earn a certification, complete continuing education hours, or finish a program. In most circumstances, a rebroadcast can meet your learners’ live credit needs without having to create new content.

By repurposing your content using rebroadcasts, you can easily leverage your LMS to integrate learner engagement tools. Try using interactive elements like live chat, Q&A features, live polls, learner checkpoints, and more to encourage conversation and deeper learner connection.

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Strategies to structure content for easy navigation and targeted learning

Diversify your content offerings, ensuring you build up your on-demand content library. This will make it easier for your staff to repurpose your content and create new courses in the future.

Using your LMS chapter feature, divide up your content for your learners, ensuring it’s easy to understand and digestible. Once you create a chapter, you can easily upload your content like videos or audio recordings. Try customizing your chapters with quizzes or checkpoints to meet your continuing education requirements. Chapter functionality allows learners to submit for credit after completing certain sections, offering additional learner flexibility.

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Price strategies for on-demand continuing education content

How you choose to price for your continuing education content is ultimately up to your organization. However, you can choose to follow a couple popular strategies:

  • Create content bundles
    Help your learners by creating a “content bundle” making it easier for them to register for courses and price out your continuing education content.
  • Offer discounts
    Run sales for your continuing education content in the fall to encourage your members to purchase their courses earlier in the season. Ideally, this will encourage your learners to buy earlier in the year and complete their programs sooner.
  • Use your membership tiers
    If your continuing education program is tied to your association membership, consider offering your on-demand content as a benefit of joining a higher membership tier.
  • Provide a subscription service
    Consider offering a yearly subscription service for your continuing education program, including an all-inclusive pass where members have access to your entire on-demand content library.


Learn more tips to repurpose continuing education content

There are many benefits to repurposing your continuing education content. When you choose to capture your live events and use rebroadcasts, you can reach more learners, drive more revenue, and increase the influence of your learning program. Discover even more tips to repurpose continuing education content. Watch on-demand: Unlock the Hidden ROI of Your Live Event.