While it may be hard to believe end of the year is quickly approaching, it’s time to plan out your year-end continuing education (CE) content strategy.

If you’re looking for an easy way to extend the life of your content and meet various learner needs, you should consider incorporating rebroadcasts into your CE content. Utilizing rebroadcasts is a simple way to beef up your CE content offerings, especially if your program has an upcoming deadline in which learners must complete credit hours.

Read on for tips to leverage rebroadcasts in your end-of-the-year CE content strategy.

What is a rebroadcast?

A rebroadcast is a replay of a previously recorded event aired at a specific date and time. Your CE program can choose to rebroadcast a webinar, a conference session, or a special event to repurpose existing content and reach more learners.

Why you should leverage rebroadcasts in your CE program

There are many benefits of incorporating rebroadcasts into your end-of-year content strategy. Here are the top five benefits for leveraging CE content rebroadcasts:

  1. Get more mileage out of your content. When you rebroadcast existing CE content, you extend the life of your content. It is likely you already spent a great deal of time and resources on an existing webinar or event. Get more out of your content when you repurpose it.  
  2. Meet various CE program requirements. Depending on the industry, you may have specific requirements for learners to gain a certification, finish a program, or complete continuing education hours. Perhaps your learners need to complete a certain number of hours of live credit versus self-study or on-demand credit. In many circumstances, a rebroadcast can meet your learners’ live credit needs without having to create fresh content.  
  3. Offer learner flexibility. With rebroadcasts, you can provide your learners with great flexibility on when the CE content is available. Building rebroadcasts into your strategy allows you to beef up your CE program offerings and accommodate various schedules and learner time zones by rebroadcasting multiple times throughout a predetermined time period.  
  4. Improve the reliability of your content. Using rebroadcasts eliminates the concern of technical issues or speaker availability. Rebroadcasts are a reliable form of content because the content already exists—you just need to replay the recording.   
  5. Easy production options. When you leverage your learning management system (LMS), you can easily select which CE course you want to rebroadcast and set it to air at a specific time. An LMS makes it easy for you to set and forget your future rebroadcasts, simplifying your CE content strategy.  

TECH TIP: Choose Freestone LMS to leverage rebroadcasts in your CE content strategy. Freestone makes it easy to rebroadcast previous live events or host them on-demand. Boost learner flexibility and engagement when you leverage rebroadcasts and Freestone LMS.

How to incorporate rebroadcasts in your CE program 

Now that you understand the benefits of rebroadcasting your CE content, it’s time to get started. Here are some best practices for incorporating rebroadcasts in your CE content strategy:  

1. Elevate learner engagement. When you plan a rebroadcast, you’ll want to plan like you are hosting a live event and be sure to integrate learner engagement tools. Offer live chat, incorporate Q&A, add live polls, or include learner checkpoints.  

TECH TIP: Freestone LMS offers robust interactivity tools to boost learner engagement. With group chat, Q&A, surveys, checkpoints, and quizzes, you can monitor learner participation and elevate the learning experience. 

2. Cover hot topics. As the end of the year approaches, rebroadcast any CE content highlighting hot topics, essential industry information, or credit requirement topics. Featuring popular topics in your rebroadcasts will boost learner participation and help you reach more attendees. Consider re-airing your most popular CE webinars or events to get more bang for your buck and boost revenue.

3. Package new content. Consider creating rebroadcasts from multiple existing CE sources. Try repurposing content segments from different events throughout the year and creating a “Best CE Content of the Year” rebroadcast on a particular topic. 

TECH TIP: With Freestone, it’s easy to segment your existing CE content and create a new rebroadcast package. Simply segment your content based on topic or interest to build your learning package.  

Customized pre-roll video. Leverage your LMS and a premade video file to promote upcoming events, sponsorship information, and details on your CE program. Air the customized pre-roll video before you begin your rebroadcast to personalize the viewing experience and add crucial details about your CE program.

TECH TIP: Use Freestone LMS to create a branded learning portal and make a great first-learner impression and a unified learning experience. Freestone makes it easy to add a customized pre-roll video before your rebroadcasts.

Learn more about CE content rebroadcasts

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