Are you looking for tried and true tips to increase learner engagement in your continuing education (CE) program? You can boost engagement by empowering your learners to be active stakeholders in their learning, deepening their commitment and loyalty to your CE program.

Our Freestone LMS team has compiled creative methods to keep your learners involved in your learning program. Follow these tips to get started.  

7 tips to increase learner engagement with your learning management system 

When you increase learner engagement, you’ll see a boost in knowledge retention, learner loyalty, and a return on your LMS investment.  Choose a modern learning management system to encourage learners to return to your CE program and provide a streamlined, learning experience. Adopting a modern learning management system (LMS) that offers a variety of engagement features is the best way to start.  

TECH TIP: Select Freestone LMS to increase learner engagement and knowledge retention. With Freestone, easily deliver interactive live and on-demand content to your CE-program.


Follow these seven tips to increase learner engagement in your CE program:

1. Virtual chats. At your continuing education events, ensure all attendees can participate in the chat feature to boost knowledge sharing and learner      engagement. Consider appointing a moderator for your chat to post questions and keep the conversation on topic.

TECH TIP: With Freestone, boost learner engagement across your CE program with our virtual chat feature. Chat empowers learners to discuss key concepts, ask questions, and become active participants in their education.

2. Question and answer sessions. Keep learners engaged during your learning program events by hosting Q&A sessions. Q&A allows attendees to feel an interactive connection with the event speaker, encouraging thoughtful discussion.  

TECH TIP: Drive learner engagement across your CE program with the Freestone LMS Control Panel. With Q&A features, learners can submit a question and get an answer in seconds.

3. Live polling. To drive learner engagement in a virtual environment, consider offering a live polling option at your next CE event. Polling can provide a sense of community, giving learners an idea of who else is at the event and what they think. Polls also provide valuable feedback for your speakers, offering insights about how learners are engaging with certain concepts. 

TECH TIP: With Freestone LMS, boost learning engagement with live polling functionality. Speakers can control when polls pop up and can weave them into their presentations to create a more engaging lesson. Learners can easily submit their polling results and speakers can observe insights in real-time.

4. Add videos. Keep learners engaged during virtual events by adding videos to your presentations. Provide clarity to key concepts with videos to further illustrate your point.   

TECH TIP: Freestone makes it easy for speakers to add videos to their CE courses, keeping learners engaged and boosting knowledge retention. Speakers can add media to their Content Video Library and from there, send the video to their learners.

5. Learner checkpoints.  Create checkpoints in your LMS to ensure that your learners are connecting with your CE course content and paying attention. Consider tracking your learner’s attendance and attention with checkpoints and let your LMS do the heavy lifting. 

TECH TIP: Easily set up Checkpoints with Freestone to boost learner engagement. Create Quiz or Question Checkpoints or Checkpoints that learners need to complete a certain amount to receive their credit.

6. Quizzes. Boost learner engagement and knowledge retention by quizzing your learners. Offering interactive elements like quizzing is a great way to ensure that your learners are grasping the concepts and meeting credit requirements. Streamline the quizzing process with a modern LMS. 

TECH TIP: With Freestone LMS, make quizzing a breeze for your CE course speakers, and best of all, keep your learners engaged, while boosting knowledge retention.

7. Surveys. Ensure your learners feel heard by surveying all CE participants once the course concludes. Ask for their feedback and plan to make changes to your course content in the future based on their feedback. 

TECH TIP: Leveraging Freestone, you can build the perfect survey to increase learner engagement. Use scaler questions, open-ended questions, and more to customize the right survey and get great insights for your learning program.   


Learn more tips to improve your continuing education program  

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