Do you need to hit a home run with learner engagement but don’t know where to start? We’ve got your bases covered! We’ve created a easy-to-use marketing playbook that will guide you to a winning strategy to increase and maintain learner engagement within your audience.

Define your goal

Before a strategy can be established, it’s important to define our goals. If your goal is to increase learner engagement – do you know what true learner engagement looks like? Key behavior indicators of engaged learners include being active in their learning, eager to participate, willing to expend effort, motivated, and inspired. If you need a refresher, you can refer to our previous post defining Learner Engagement for more information.

Establish Metrics

Now that we know where our goal line is, we can develop the perfect game plan. The first step is establishing your metrics; how will you measure success? These metrics are called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs in marketing, and they’re necessary to track your strategy’s progress objectively. Examples of KPIs could be the number of forms submitted, the average test score, or attendance rates. Be sure the metric is a hard number that can be tracked easily, and make sure your end-goal of those metrics are reasonable or achievable. Learn more about KPIs here.

Customize Your Message

The next step in our playbook is to ensure your message is connecting with your audience. How well do you know your audience? It is imperative to be able to customize your message to reach your audience in whatever way they’re going to learn best. Make the information relevant, relatable, and valuable. You can brush up on your messaging skills with our post on Understanding Your Audience.

Use the Right Tools

Equipped with metrics and messaging needs, now you can move on to execution. Do you have the tools and technology you need to score? With how quickly technology and trends evolve, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest and most effective tools. Is your website optimized for your audience? Is your social media content reaching your audience often enough, and on the right channels? These are all important aspects to consider when working towards learner engagement. Look here for our complete list of tools and tech trends for 2022.

Putting it all Together

By applying all of these concepts in our marketing playbook and reviewing our 7 Learner Engagement Strategies, your team will be ready to hit a homerun! Tying it together with a robust learning platform with powerful customizations like Freestone is a sure way to secure your team’s win.

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