Learner engagement strategies that work will attract truly engaged learners and provide promotions for the additional value of your membership and more. The ideal situation consists of marketing to your members that are motivated, inspired, and willing to invest effort in learning. These types of members are engaged learners and organizations like you must make sure your content truly meets their needs and preferences.

Review our general tips for increasing learner engagement and keeping learners motivated, no matter the course or the target audience. Lead the way with a successful learning strategy across the entire year that incorporates a combination of live and on-demand content.

Tip #1: Always have a plan

The scope of your marketing plan varies depending on its purpose or the type of organization it’s for. One marketing plan could consist of paid marketing, social media marketing, campaigns designated over a certain set of time, new product or service marketing, and more.

Create your marketing plan by accomplishing things, a successful organization should already be doing:

  • Identify quantitative, attainable goals.
  • Pinpoint your audience.
  • Recognize what you are trying to communicate to your customers and what action you would like them to take.
  • Determine your channels for communicating your message(s).
  • Plan your communications schedule without over-communicating.

Tip #2: Build with the right tools

Recognizing what is offered for marketing technology and what your might need is essential. Marketing Technology is software or online tools that are built to help you reach your marketing goals. A website is your starting point, then you can add social media opportunities. To round out your marketing goals, you can add digital advertising to increase traffic to your website and social pages. Email marketing tools allow for automation for many of these channels, saving time and allowing you to add the individualized touch needed for your members. Dive deeper > 15 Marketing tools and technology you should be aware of in 2022

Tip #3: Create content that matters

Your marketing can beat out the competition by making sure that your content breaks through the clutter by understanding your audience. Members want to receive communication about learning opportunities that are relevant to them. Some may want short content versus others are looking to immerse themselves with as much information as possible. Understanding your audience to gain people who want to engage with your association, rather than the people your organization wants to engage with.

Tip #4 Track all the demanding work

When you are identifying quantitative, attainable goals as you build your marketing plan avoid outlining vague goals like “Get more followers,” or “Increase rendition rate”. Instead, be as specific as possible and set SMART goals like: impacting website traffic, conversions, and customer success. The growth and ultimate success of your organization will be determined by consistently meeting your desired goals and targets. It is crucial to have the ability to look back with initiative and be able to measure success so you can maintain what works and drop what does not. Read more about why > Why are KPIs So Important?

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