Demystifying Gen Z learners: Strategies to ignite and sustain engagement


Association research shows that 57% of Generation Z engage with their professional organizations at least once a week. Generation Z is more tech-savvy than previous generations, hungry for information, and accustomed to having instant access to data. Gen Z learners are also more apt to seek out training and certifications that will aid in career advancement.

Read our blog to learn strategies to boost the engagement and retention of Generation Z learners, ultimately elevating your Gen Z learning style.

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Who is Generation Z?

Gen Z learners were born between 1997 and 2012 making them one of US history’s most racially and ethnically diverse generations. By 2030, Generation Z will account for 30% of the workforce, or approximately 61 million individuals.

As you consider how to create your Gen Z learning style, keep the following in mind: Generation Z has always known a digital environment, on-demand entertainment, social media, and constant connection with their peers and family members.


How to understand Gen Z

Generation Z loves to stay in touch. Boosting Gen Z’s social network, both in-person and online, is a major priority for the generation. To define your organization’s Gen Z learning style, you should try boosting your presence on Generation Z’s preferred social media platforms. According to Community Brand’s research, 82% of Gen Z connects on YouTube and Instagram, 69% on TikTok, and 67% on Snapchat.

Consider leveraging short learning content in easy-to-digest videos on a platform like TikTok to connect with the most Gen Z learners. If you’re looking for inspiration to get started on TikTok, check out these professional organizations connecting well with Generation Z:


Why you should invest in your continuing education program

Did you know that Generation Z is looking for training, professional development, continuing education, and advancement opportunities? All your organization’s members value continuing education, but specifically, Gen Z learners are looking for professional development and advancement opportunities.

Community Brands research has found more members are relying on their professional organizations for continuing education, and the perceived value in sources like LinkedIn and Google is declining, suggesting an opportunity to personalize your Gen Z’s member experience in professional education.

Consider investing in your continuing education program with the right learning management system (LMS) platform to appeal to more Gen Z learners, driving value and personalizing the learning experience.

TIP: Choose Freestone learning management system (LMS) to offer exciting continuing education opportunities, advancing your learner engagement to the next level for Gen Z.


The power of community

Generation Z learners will come to your organization for social connection, collaboration, and peer-to-peer learning. Keep them coming back with programming that keeps them engaged by keeping your learners active, motivated, inspired, eager to participate, and willing to expend effort.

Boost learner engagement by creating an intentional Generation Z community of learners at your organization. Connect your Gen Z learners in a cohort so they can collaborate, connect and network.


How to leverage an LMS to create your Gen Z learning style

When you choose the right learning management system (LMS), your organization can take clear steps to creating your Gen Z learning style. With an LMS you can offer interactive and personalized learning experiences.

Here’s how:

  • Create engaging interactive courses with interactivity tools to drive deeper learning
  • Offer real-time polling to monitor learner participation
  • Provide live discussion features, Q&A, group chat, surveys, checkpoints, quizzes, and more to boost learner engagement
  • Cater to different learning methods and styles
  • Hold learners’ attention with microlearning courses
  • Appeal to a variety of learners’ schedules with live and on-demand course content
  • Offer branding and personalization features
  • Continuing education and certification tracking and program administration


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