Repurposing your continuing education content is a fantastic way to save time, reach more learners, and drive non-dues revenue.

Make it easy for your learners to digest content by creating nano courses, quick videos, or social media content to boost engagement. Read our blog to learn more strategies to repurpose your learning content, reach more learners, and drive non-dues revenue.

When should you repurpose content at your organization?

You can save time and effort by repurposing content while also reaching new learners. Repurpose content when you wish to accomplish the following:

  • Expand your reach: When you repurpose content, you’ll reach a larger audience. Repurposing some of your most attended events, learning courses, or webinars can also help you attract new learners to your program.
  • Engage more learners: Due to busy schedules, some learners may be unable to attend a large, multi-day conference. But when you offer virtual learning opportunities, you’ll increase the chance of more learners attending your event.
  • Drive more revenue: Repurpose your content to generate non-dues revenue. When you offer a rebroadcast of a pre-existing webinar, you ensure more of your learners are viewing your content, helping you get more bang for your buck.


How to repurpose continuing education content 

Now that you know the benefits of repurposing content, you’re ready to get started doing so at your organization. Here are four ways to get started repurposing your learning content today:

1. Identifying key learning points and audience interests

Begin by surveying your learners to gain a greater understanding of their learning interests. Based on your learners’ interests, you can personalize how you repurpose your content, creating compelling on-demand continuing education courses tailored to your learners’ experiences.

Consider sending out short surveys every couple of months to gauge your learners’ interests. You can track this data in your learning management system (LMS).


2. Create engaging blog posts

A great way to engage more learners is through blog posts. A blog is an easy way to demonstrate your continuing education program is an industry expert. Blogs are easy to maintain and grow by repurposing content.

Begin with a 500-word blog post that you cross-post to your social media channels. After, use content from your new blog to generate new social media posts, linking back to your blog.


3. Develop nano courses

Break up your longer continuing education courses into short learning opportunities, called nano courses or microlearning content. Shorter content is easier for learners to digest and increases learner comprehension.

Short courses also keep learners coming back to your continuing education program for more, boosting retention and non-dues revenue.


4. Use social media

Another way to repurpose your existing content is by turning long content into short learning opportunities on social media. Try repackaging existing content on your social channels as quick video clips, or short pieces of content that can bring in a fresh audience.

You can repackage your content differently for each platform. Convert your previously recorded learner content and share it on social media platforms for ongoing engagement and community building.


Learn more tips to create repurpose content

There are so many benefits to repurposing your continuing education content. Reach more learners, drive more revenue, and increase the influence of your learning program when you repurpose your content. Discover even more tips by watching our video, "Unlock the Hidden ROI of Your Live Event".