The latest Community Brands Research found the number three reason that a member joins an association is for certification and credentialing opportunities. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for your continuing education (CE) program to leverage a learning management system instead of relying on a communications platform like Zoom to provide an excellent learning experience for your members.  

Read on for tips on why a learning management system is an an efficient, cost-effective method to support your learners, and what an LMS can offer that Zoom does not.   

The drawbacks of Zoom for CE  

Zoom is strictly a communications platform. Freestone is a learning management system (LMS) designed to empower your staff and enhance the learning experience. 

If you deliver your CE courses through Zoom you might be experiencing the following pain points: 

  • Manual processes for tracking CE credits 
  • Disconnected data 
  • Staff inefficiencies 
  • Duplication of employee efforts 

6 ways Freestone LMS provides a superior learning experience compared to Zoom 

While Zoom is a great tool for meetings, software like Freestone is designed to help your CE program excel. Here are six reasons why you should choose a robust LMS like Freestone to support your learners:  

1.CE tools. Freestone offers live and on-demand checkpoint verifications like quizzes, surveys, assessments, or videos to encourage learner engagement. All CE tools like certifications, quizzes, assessments, surveys, and videos are customizable based on your industry needs. 

TECH TIP: With Freestone, customize your CE tools on a course-by-course level to meet your learners’ needs. Build surveys, quizzes, and assessments in Freestone to serve as learner checkpoints to ensure industry credit standards are met

2. Integration options. With Freestone, you have multiple integration options within the Community Brands family based on your technological needs. When you integrate your LMS with association management software (AMS) you can improve the learner experience, increase engagement, and drive non-dues revenue.  

TECH TIP: Integrate Freestone with YourMembership for a seamless experience growing your CE program and delivering powerful learning content to your members. When you integrate Freestone with YourMembership you can streamline staff processes and offer learners valuable features like single sign on, credit sync, catalog sync, and more.

3. Customer feedback. Freestone listens to customers and delivers new features based on the feedback it receives from customers like you. Freestone considers what customers say as it plans product roadmap and releases.

4. Live support for learners and staff. Freestone supports both your employees and learners with live technical support when you need it, so you can focus on developing your CE content and working with your speakers. You’ll also have a dedicated Freestone account director who functions as another member of your team, helping you train on new updates and learn our features. 

TECH TIP: Get live technical support from Freestone to enhance your staff and learners’ use of new features and ensure everyone gets the most out of your LMS. Work with a dedicated Freestone Administrator with a 99% satisfaction rating, who functions as another member of your CE program team

5. Customizable viewing experience. Unlike in Zoom, you can personalize the viewing experience in Freestone. When you leverage Freestone to customize the viewing experience, you can reinforce your brand. Consider using this feature to offer sponsorship opportunities at your CE program and boost a return on your investment.  

TECH TIP: With Freestone, create custom branding opportunities to enhance your CE program and promote your organization. Level up your sponsorship program by designing custom HTML tabs to thank sponsors and keep them invested.

6. Repurpose content. In addition to streaming live events and assisting with on-demand content, Freestone can help your CE program leverage your archived content. Consider repurposing previously used content by repackaging it in different CE course offerings. Unlike Zoom, Freestone can assist with rebroadcasting old events or webinars and making archived content on-demand to reach more learners. 

Discover more ways Freestone can enhance your continuing education program 

For even more strategies on how Freestone can help you level up your CE program, check out the full webinar: How to Level-Up your Zoom CE Program with Freestone LMS!  

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