Are you ready to start the new year strong with your learning program? Stay on top of the latest learning tech trends in 2023 to guarantee that your continuing education program will rise above the competition and produce modern, high-quality content for your learners. 

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The top learning tech trends of 2023 to deliver continuing education content  

Consider adopting the following technology trends to offer excellent continuing education content to your learners:  

1. Webcast: 

If you’re looking to deliver high-quality content in your learning program, webcasting is a great way to get started. A webcast is different from a webinar or rebroadcast as it uses an encoder to stream to a learning management system or video streaming platform. You could stream from a place-based event, like an annual conference, or a virtual platform like Zoom. Webcasts allow for produced content, like intro videos, graphics, or more features.  

CALL OUT: “Since 2012 we’ve been doing our programs in this hybrid world, but not as in advanced capacity as we are today,” said Rob Kotsopoulos of the Law Society of Ontario.  “Everything we do is webcast, recorded, replayed, and archived on our servers…Once the pandemic hit, we couldn’t do anything live anymore.” 

2. Leverage baseline tech:

If your association spend is smaller, you can begin webcasting with baseline technologies like OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) or vMix (vMix Live Production and Streaming Software). Both are lower-cost options but allow the use of solutions like NDI (Network Device Interface) and SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) so you can send video from one laptop to another in the same network. This prevents you from needing to buy more expensive features like connectors and adapters.  

CALL OUT: “There is such a wide range of how associations deliver their webcasting today,” said Jessica Metzler of Freestone Learning Management System. “Setups consist of organizations that have technicians on staff, who have all the equipment with the latest technology. Some associations have a much more scaled-down setup where it’s just someone with a camera streaming into their LMS.”

3. Learning management software.

Invest in learning management software (LMS), to advance your webcast abilities even further. Webcasting through an LMS offers many additional interactive features like live polling, group chat, quizzes, and checkpoints to deliver meaningful content and empower members to learn more. 

CALL OUT: “The Law Society of Ontario has been using the Freestone platform since 2013 now and we use it for all our webcasts,” said Kotsopoulos.

How to stay in-the-know on new tech-trends throughout the year:

Now that you know the top trends, it’s time to learn how to stay informed and on top of the current market evolution throughout 2023:

1. Take time to stay up to date.

To track all the latest tech trends in delivering learning content, follow audio/visual (AV) groups on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter. You’ll get the latest insights on how AV tech groups are streaming and delivering content.   

CALL OUT: “Following industry trends has been key over the last few years because there have been huge improvements,” said Kotsopoulos. “Before you would have to spend thousands of dollars on a little box to convert a signal to get it to a laptop, but now there are advancements like NDI or SRT, network-based technology that allows you to send video from one point to another.” 

2. Invest in technicians.

Engaging with external technicians will help you follow the latest industry tech trends, ensuring you deliver excellent continuing education content. Technicians have a good sense of emerging technology and can direct your association on how to invest in the latest technology for your learning program.  

CALL OUT: “Technicians are a hot commodity right now because so many associations are doing hybrid events and in-person events are coming back,” said Metzler. “An on-site production technician is very much needed at member-based organizations.”

3. Attend industry events.

Going to events in your field will help you stay engaged in the latest technology happenings in your industry. You can also network with IT leaders to find out what tech to test in your continuing education program this year.  

CALL OUT: “At events, try picking the brains of technicians and members of your industry because they have a lot of valuable insight into technology trends,” said Metzler.


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