2022 Association Trends Study

The Big Reveal

The Future-Focused Member Experience

After more than two years of ups, downs, twists and turns, the focus on technology and member experience has never been greater. So just how are association leaders using technology, managing their IT spend, and managing evolving member expectations?

Join Community Brands and Edge Research for a deep dive into the comprehensive findings of the 2022 Association Trends Study. We’ll reveal insights into why the powerful connection between innovative technology and member loyalty remains critical to modern associations.

This webinar will cover the results of this study, collected from hundreds of association leaders and thousands of members. What you’ll learn:


Your members’ new attitudes and outlooks toward technology


Technology's powerful impact on member loyalty


Key technology trends that all association leaders should know about


Action items aimed at providing greater member value and a more positive member experience

About the speakers

Pam Loeb

Principal, Edge Research

As a Principal at Edge, Pam works regularly with marquee brands to design studies and provide insights that drive their business, co-managing the firm’s Education, Health & Wellness, and Philanthropy practices. Pam is passionate about helping membership with their unique challenges, including member development and retention, public education, and advocacy. Over the last 30 years, she has managed hundreds of studies for NGOs and professional associations to improve their communications and public awareness efforts. Pam has co-authored and presented several public sector-wide studies, which have been featured in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Tirrah Switzer

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Community Brands

Tirrah is a product marketing enthusiast, borderline obsessed with keeping up to date with technology trends and understanding the challenges associations face. Tirrah is the Senior Director of Product Marketing with Community Brands. She is the co-author of six research studies on member engagement and loyalty, association digital evolution trends, and a benchmark report on small-staff associations.

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