The New Year is right around the corner! If you haven’t already started planning your content delivery strategy and partner outreach for 2024, now’s the time to get started.  
We’re here to help your continuing education program plan for a powerful 2024! Read our blog for three helpful tips.

3 best practices to refine your continuing education strategy for 2024 

Reflecting on past successes and challenges will help your continuing education program adjust its strategy for the New Year. Follow these tips to refine your program in 2024:

1. Review your KPIs

Depending on your priorities and goals, your continuing education program’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can vary. As you determine your measurement of success, it’s vital for you to consider all your stakeholders, including your learning team, membership team, and more. Ensure your goals are reportable and measurable so you can revisit them while planning events, courses, and content.

As you determine your KPIs, you’ll want to consider how your organization gathers data. Do you leverage a learning management system (LMS), association management software (AMS), social media, or more? To use your data to set your KPIs, consider the following reports:

  • Credit submissions 
  • Sales reports 
  • Order trends
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Survey feedback

TECH TIP: Leverage Freestone LMS for insightful reports and easy-to-use dashboards, to help you monitor your KPIs and plan for a successful New Year. Integrate Freestone with your AMS to sync your program data and create a seamless learning experience.

2. Plan your content 

After examining your data and setting KPIs, you’ll be ready to plan your learning content for the New Year. Map out your continuing education content for the year, considering both in-person events and live events, as well as online content and on-demand courses. You’ll also want to set a consistent event cadence so your learners can rely on your course calendar, easily knowing when your content is available. For example, will your webinars be offered once a month or will you host an in-person event once a quarter? 
Be sure to leave space in your calendar so you can offer hot topic webinars and relevant content for your learners as it emerges. These events tend to attract learners, ensuring good attendance and additional revenue. You’ll also want to mix just-in-time content with just-in-case courses. Just-in-time content refers to emerging topics that learners can implement right away, while just-in-case refers to content that learners can take to support what they already know.

TECH TIP: Choose Freestone LMS to deliver interactive live and on-demand learning content. As you plan your content strategy, Freestone makes it easy to offer flexible event types including webcasts, rebroadcasts, webinars, and on-demand content to boost learner accessibility and engagement. 

3. Enhance sponsor outreach

To plan for a powerful 2024, you’ll want to reconsider your sponsorship packages and how you reach more sponsors. If you’re not already leveraging sponsorships, your organization is missing out on a great way to generate additional revenue. Sponsorships are a win-win for everyone—your sponsors get additional exposure, your learners discover helpful products or tools, and your organization drives non-dues revenue. 
To enhance your sponsorship program, consider highlighting your sponsors during webinars or learning opportunities. Try airing sponsorship commercials during your live events or before a webcast begins. You can also use slides to showcase your sponsors and increase visibility. Additionally, encourage your sponsors to join the live chat during learning events, allowing sponsors to ask questions and get to know your learners.

TECH TIP: Take your sponsorship program to the next level with Freestone. Staff can easily create custom branding opportunities to offer a superior sponsorship experience. Design custom HTML tabs to thank sponsors for their patronage and keep them coming back, event after event.

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