If your member-based organization is like most, your members look to you for learning opportunities. They turn to you for everything from continuing education to certification, and you likely spend a great deal of time and effort creating in-person learning events with great content, quality speakers, and valuable social and networking opportunities.

But, why stop there? You’ve done the work to create onsite events. Why not extend your reach even further by offering some of the elements of your in-person learning events through an online experience?

Taking the great content you already have pulled together for in-person events and extending it online can help you provide the convenient, affordable option that many of your members may be seeking. In turn, offering online learning experiences – whether they’re one-day seminars or multi-day conferences – provides your organization with perks, as well.

Here are four good reasons to take your in-person learning experience online:

  1. Expand your reach – Meet the needs of more of your members, offering an alternative to onsite events for those whose schedule, budget, learning preferences, or other factors would prevent them from attending an in-person event.
  2. Engage more members – Make more members feel included, demonstrating to them that they are a valued member of the organization, whether or not they attend onsite events.
  3. Generate added revenue – Bring in revenue that you otherwise would not capture from members who are unable to attend your in-person events.
  4. Get more bang for your buckStretch your onsite content further by repurposing it online – through live streaming your onsite event or offering it on-demand after the event.

A well-developed online learning experience can help expand the reach of your learning program to more members, provide more value for your members, and generate more revenue for your organization.

Learn more about extending your onsite learning through the online channel. Watch the webinar Next-Level Live Online Events: Strategies from Successful Associations on-demand, and discover strategies and techniques make these digital experiences even more dynamic, relevant and memorable.