Many of us recycle each and every day. Whether it’s reusing our favorite water bottles, repurposing an old box for something new, or simply recycling printed items. In doing so, we’re creating the opportunity for items to be reused and repurposed.

Did you know you can also recycle and reuse your online learning content? In honor of America Recycles Day, today, November 15, let’s talk about how you can help keep America beautiful (okay, that might be a stretch) and keep your members learning by recycling!

Start Recycling Content

Organizations are constantly producing educational content for their members. A lot of this content is generated as part of in-person events. But what happens to all of this great content once the event is over? Why not recycle and reuse it?

During an on-site event, record as much of the educational content as you can. Once the event is over, post the content online for members to view on their own time. This is a great way to reach members who were unable to attend the event, as well as those who were in attendance, but want to view specific sessions again, at their leisure. You might even consider charging a fee to access this content – generating valuable non-dues revenue.

You can also break the content down into different categories that your members may be interested in. These categories can then be separate from the full event offerings. Members can pick and choose which segments they want to view. You can also break the content down even further into nano courses – perfect for those looking for just-in-time learning opportunities.

Reap the Benefits

With all of these options to access your onsite content, you will be able to:

  • Expand your reach and connect with even more members
  • Increase the life of your education content
  • Engage more members by providing them with a variety of learning options
  • Boost your non-dues revenue

Both on-site and online events and courses are popular with members, so it’s key to offer your members both options. Not only will this allow for your content to have more reach, but it will also allow for you to connect with more members through virtual learning experiences that have the feel of on-site events. To learn how you can deliver the in-person experience online, download our latest whitepaper on successfully delivering online events, and have a happy America Recycles Day!