When it comes to LMS solutions, organizations have more options than ever before. In 2019, Talented Learning estimated that there were already more than 800 LMS vendors in the market, a number that has almost certainly increased after 2020 saw a rise in demand for online learning. From dedicated on-premises deployments to cloud-based SaaS offerings, it’s now possible to select from an array of specialized solutions that align with unique industry needs and increasingly personalized continuing education goals. 

Making the Right LMS Solution Choice 

Selecting an LMS platform to power your organization’s online learning program is a big decision that will shape the way you develop and deliver professional development content for years to come. Making that choice is even more difficult when you’re trying to balance your current learning needs against potential needs in the future. An LMS platform that can’t scale to accommodate growing demand could leave your organization unable to make the most of potential revenue. At the same time, overbuying an LMS that provides features and capabilities you’ll never be able to use could very well prevent you from investing in course content that would be far more valuable to learners. 

Setting aside broader organizational needs, there’s also the learning experience to consider. If learners find an LMS difficult to use or access, they will be far less likely to engage with it. With fewer people coming to you for professional development and continuing education resources, there will be fewer opportunities to turn those courses into sustainable revenue streams 

A clunky, unintuitive LMS also creates administrative problems for staff and instructional design professionals working behind the scenes to facilitate better learning outcomes. An ideal platform should empower an organization to manage continuing education efforts more efficiently rather than overcomplicate them. 

Join Our Upcoming Webinar: “What to Look for in an LMS Solution” 

In our continuing effort to provide organizations with more information about how to select the best LMS solution for their needs, we’ll be hosting a live webinar entitled “What to Look for in an LMS Solution” on August 24, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST. Hosted by Jessica Metzler, Sr. Director of Operations at Community Brands, this interactive session will cover several important topics, including: 

  • What LMS functionality makes a good first impression to users (both members and staff)? 
  • How integration points can promote efficiency for staff and streamline the learning experience. 
  • What content delivery methods can best accommodate the needs of multi-modal learners? 
  • Which LMS services provide the best support for staff and learners interacting with the system? 
  • How administrative tools make a difference in how easily staff can manage your learning program. 

Sign Up Now to Attend 

You can register today to reserve your seat for this exciting live webinar. Bring your questions with you and be sure to explore the resources available in the Freestone library to learn more about why having the right LMS tools in place is essential for building a successful learning strategy. 

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