Perhaps your association started out small with just a few courses. Now, you’re ramping up education opportunities for your members and need a solution for managing your content. Or, maybe you already have an LMS, but you’re just not satisfied with what it offers.

 What should you consider?

Begin with the end in mind. How does your association plan to grow? You want a system that can handle your current needs, while being easy enough to scale for future growth. 

Establish your prerequisites. Develop a list of technology criteria you will need to meet member expectations. Keep in mind any integration needs that will help to create a seamless member experience.

Partner for success. Write down your goals for strategic growth (including increased non-dues revenue through content and credentialing) and find a vendor who will partner with you to achieve them.

But wait, how will you find a vendor to partner with? Here’s a comparison of several platforms many associations use to deliver ongoing learning content to members.

Can your LMS do all these things?

You want a solution that serves you just as well as it serves your members. With Freestone, you get to partner and innovate with an organization that is crafting a system with you in mind – that includes building a platform with as few clicks as possible to reduce drop-off both in learner progress, and in e-commerce – meaning more retention and revenue growth for you.

For more information on your options, download our Buyer’s Guide.