Do you want to attract new learners to your continuing education program? It may be time to make your learning content more accessible.

How? Embrace multimodal learning in your continuing education strategy. Continue reading for helpful strategies to leverage multimodal learning to reach more learners today!


What is multimodal learning?

Multimodal learning is a teaching strategy that engages learners through visual, auditory, writing, reading, and kinaesthetic methods. Multimodal learning is used to improve the quality of education, ensuring content delivery matches a student’s learning style.

This education strategy works to engage a learner’s mind in multiple learning styles. Multimodal learning helps students experience diverse learning styles, creating an engaging learning environment.

What is the VARK framework and how does it connect with multimodal learning?

The VARK framework is used to categorize learning preferences, helping you reach more students and enhance your learning program. The VARK framework is as follows:

  • Visual: Students who learn best by seeing.
  • Auditory: Students who learn best by hearing.
  • Reading/Writing: Students who learn best through reading or writing.
  • Kinaesthetic: Students who learn best by doing.

Implementing the VARK framework to embrace multimodal learning will make your continuing education program more accessible to all learners, ultimately helping you attract new learners to your program.

Why does multimodal learning matter?

Research shows that learners have increased comprehension and retention when multimodal learning is leveraged. Additionally, 72% of students stated they preferred learning through multimodal learning strategies.

Using multimodal learning in your continuing education program will make learning exciting, ultimately boosting learner engagement and retention. Additionally, offering multimodal learning expressions will help you increase learner accessibility and attract new learners to your program.

How to leverage your LMS to offer multimodal learning

To reach more learners with multimodal learning, you will need a robust learning management system (LMS). The key to providing a comprehensive learning program is to leverage the right LMS. Choosing the best technology will make it easier to offer a variety of learning modes and deliver content through an organized, customized course library.

Using the VARK framework, here are a couple of ways you leverage your LMS to make your continuing education program more friendly to multimodal learning:

  • Visual
    • Live stream your seminars or conferences to extend the reach of your content and meet the needs of those members who can’t attend on-site.
    • Create a webinar series with your most popular speaker allowing them to present from the comfort of their own home, while still engaging members with functionality like Q&A, assessments, checkpoints, discussions, and more.
  • Auditory
    • Record your top in-person events and offer them as rebroadcasts, as well as on-demand, in both streaming form and as an audio-only download.
    • Break down longer courses into short, nano audio and visual clips to deliver on the just-in-time preferences of today’s learners.
  • Reading/Writing
    • Create SCORM courses that bring experiential and hands-on training online.
    • Incorporate personalized learning path recommendations to guide members in their education journey and help them advance in their careers.
  • Kinaesthetic
    • Interactivity tools like real-time polling, live chat, speaker Q&A, and more to ensure learners are engaged at your annual conference, in-person events, and hybrid events.
    • Professional on-site event capture services to keep in-person learners engaged and active participants in the event, conference, or lecture.


How Freestone LMS makes it easy to leverage multimodal learning strategies

Power up your continuing education program with an engaging and intuitive experience! Freestone learning management system makes it easy to meet multimodal learning needs with a flexible learner interface, interactive learning tools, and various content offerings including webinars, webcasts, on-demand courses, hybrid events, and more.

Learn more about multimodal learning

Choosing the right learning management system is vital in embracing multimodal learning and attracting more learners to your continuing education program. Learn more about how Freestone LMS can help you embrace multimodal learning and reach new learners. Connect with our team today to discover the Freestone advantage!