In my day-to-day here at Community Brands I spend a lot of time talking with continuing education professionals about taking their online learning strategy to the next level and growing their success. Time and time again when speaking with prospects I hear the same pain points. Tell me if any of these issues sound familiar:

“We currently host live webinars via GoToMeeting and upload our on-demand recordings in a separate location.”

“We don’t have quality tracking on webinar or on-demand engagement.”

“We have manual processes all over the place from emailing certificates to adding program registrations one-by-one.”

“Our data is disconnected and does not flow between our LMS and AMS.”

“Our learners are frustrated dealing with multiple platforms and passwords.”

“Our staff has limited time to focus on quality content because they spend too much time answering members support inquiries.”

“We can’t easily repurpose programs, so the content just dies after the initial event.”

“We can’t offer advanced curriculum as there is no way to measure a learner’s information retention and competency.”

I bet a number of you are nodding your head “yes” as you read this, because you identify with these struggles. Issues like disparate systems, limited support, manual processes, lack of robust features and no data integration can lead to a frustrating experience for your staff and learners.

The first step towards alleviating these headaches and upgrading your education environment is creating a centralized learning and events hub for your members. Having the tools in place to deliver a seamless, integrated experience is key to meeting the needs of today’s modern learner and securing your place as their go-to source for education.

So how can you deliver this high-quality experience to your members and make life easier on your team? Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Freestone makes your pain points a distant memory.