The holidays are fast approaching (read: here!), and we’ve been thinking about what gifts have made it onto our wish list this year. More importantly, we’re thinking about what your members have on their wish lists! And, we have a few guesses as to what your members want.

Members join professional organizations and associations that connect them with like-minded individuals, drive their personal and professional career growth, and help them continue learning. Using an integrated learning management system (LMS) and career center solution will allow you to provide your members with a resource that will help advance their careers through an array of learning opportunities. In return, the gift you receive is an increase in member retention and value.

Giving the gift of career advancement to your members through a robust career center enables you to explore new ways to expand services that will better accommodate the online learning and career advancement support members desire. A few key findings from the Community Brands Member Education and Career Development Report showed:

  • Members want more from their organizations.
    • Many are searching for a place where they can network among a group of compatible individuals, while growing and developing their careers in various ways.
  • Millennial members are especially focused on career advancement.
    • Eighty percent of Millennials desire career matching based on completed continuing education from their organizations. They’re interested in a range of tactics that connect and highlight their continued learning to potential employers and jobs.
  • Personalization is key.
    • Members develop their own learning paths based on their career goals. Because of this, they desire support, guidance, and recommendations from their organizations on topics such as required job skills, certification requirements, and career advancement.

So, where do you find the perfect gift for your members?

Don’t worry, Community Brands has you covered. To learn more about our study findings and recommendations on how you can give your members what they’re looking for this holiday season, download the full study and check out this summary infographic.