In the real world, we experience just-in-time learning every day. Think back to the last time you Googled a question and got the answers you were looking for … that experience was just-in-time learning in action. This expectation of receiving specific, applicable information that can be put to use right away also applies to how your members expect to interact with your continuing education content.

Just-in-time helps a learner in the moment of need. To meet that need, education needs to be available anywhere, anytime.

In our Member Professional Development Study, we found that desire to learn a new skill is a top three driver across generations and number one for Millennials in why they pursue education. They are most often seeking pragmatic information they can use right away.

So how do you implement just-in-time learning with your online education programs? The keys are to make it accessible, scalable, personalized, and guided. To do this, the right technology is key. You need a system that will empower you and your learners.

Below are ideas to support your just-in-time learning efforts, as well as tips and tricks to put into practice.

How to Incorporate Just-In-Time Learning

Simple Search

Learners need to be able to find what they want in that moment of need. Incorporate a search that scans your course’s descriptions, titles, speakers, and more for keywords and then delivers up intuitive results quickly. You can also highlight content channels to allow learners to browse by area of interest. Your navigation should be user-friendly so members can drill down to the type of content they want.

Think Small

Nano or micro-courses are bite-sized, easily consumable content clips. By hosting these smaller recordings, you can ensure the learner is paying attention the whole time and engaging with the program. With everyone’s hectic schedules this can meet the needs of a busy professional. You can create clips from a successful program or ask a great speaker to record a fast take.

Freestone® Learning Management System’s content editor makes this learning option easy to implement.

Breakout Content

Many of the clients we work with host day-long seminars. In our research, we have found there is a one-hour sweet spot before attention begins to drop off. To ensure you’re keeping learners’ attention, break up those longer courses into smaller, easier to consume chunks.

You can then sell the program as a whole and as individual smaller sessions so customers can choose the content most applicable to and convenient for them.

Bundle up

Get strategic based on your learner’s needs and requirements and do the work for them. Do they have a certain amount of ethics hours they must get to maintain their license? Create a bundle with your best ethics courses, so they can knock out that requirement.

Or let them customize their own experience and offer a “create your own bundle” where they can pick and choose their content.


Bookmarks are a great way to let your learner jump to a specific moment in your on-demand course. You can identify relevant bookmark locations based on topics, speakers, or sections of programming.

Freestone allows you to assign a bookmark to a timestamp in your recording so users would be able to drill down to a particular moment of interest.

Targeted Communication

Customers are after personalized, targeted content. Use your data from your association management system (AMS), learning management system (LMS), marketing system, community, and more to segment your learners.

With learners segmented you can target communication based on topic interest, preferred medium, career stage, and more. By practicing personalized messaging, you are more likely to hit members in moments of need, so they see you as their go-to source for education.

Hot Topics

With our ever-changing world, there are a lot of opportunities for hot topic programming that can meet the just-in-time need. Take advantage of shifts in your industry and host a webinar with all the need-to-know details.

Bonus – Mobile is a Must

For something to be just-in-time, you really need to be able to watch it anywhere, anytime.

Make sure your viewing experience is responsive and compatible across devices and browsers and can support both live and on-demand programming. You can also give learners other on-the-go options such as podcasts or video downloads.

Now is the time to get ahead of this trend to prove your authority as the go-to source for continuing education in your industry. Check out our recent webinar to learn more about incorporating just-in-time learning techniques today.