Is your learning strategy keeping association members engaged year-round?

Tips and advice for delivering value to learners throughout the year.

About half of association members look to professional organizations as their primary source continuing education and career development. Delivering quality learning content throughout the year requires more than the right technology tools. Without a strong learning strategy in place to keep members engaged, associations can easily miss out on potential revenue opportunities and leave people questioning whether they’re getting enough value from their memberships.

That’s why the Freestone team has put together a comprehensive whitepaper packed full with helpful tips and advice for keeping learners engaged year-round. We break the year down quarter by quarter so you can build a detailed plan for delivering outstanding continuing education content to your members.

Inside, you’ll learn about:

  • The value of reviewing your data
  • How to plan for live events and conferences
  • Strategies for improving your content library
  • New ways to promote your learning resources
  • And more…

Download the whitepaper, Engaging Year-Round Learners, today!

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