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5 Content Delivery Methods to Boost Member Retention

Throughout 2020 association professionals have been challenged with rapidly shifting their education strategies to online formats. Across generations, members are craving and consuming education in diverse ways – short form, long form, live streaming and on-demand. For associations, this can be a tall order to deliver – but one that can’t be ignored as online learning offerings take center stage to attract, engage and retain members.

The strategy changes are paying off as according to a recent survey conducted by Community Brands, 89% of members who are interacting with their organizations more now than before the pandemic have found online CE opportunities helpful, while 87% have also found online training and certifications helpful.

By offering more robust online education opportunities you can meet the needs of varied learner preferences and strengthen your relationship with your members, all while generating additional non-dues revenue for your organization.

During this this webinar, we will discuss 5 methods for delivering meaningful learning content to attract and retain learners. You will walk away from this session knowing:

  • How to effectively mix short and long form, live and on-demand learning to meet varied learner needs
  • Technology, techniques and creative processes for repurposing content
  • Strategies for when to leverage each delivery method to achieve your organizational goals

Join us for this one-hour session and discover how you can successfully adapt your content delivery strategy to benefit your members and your organization in 2021.

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