Customer Success Story

PCNA increased event attendee numbers and boosted engagement with Freestone LMS

Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) Customer Success Story
Find out how the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) delivered accessible and flexible learning options at their annual symposium, increased attendee engagement, and delivered an immersive experience to their virtual audience with Freestone LMS.

Download this success story to find out how PCNA saw these incredible results:

  • Increased annual symposium attendee numbers by 56% in two years
  • Saw a 99% virtual attendee satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the symposium score
  • 50% of online and in person attendees engaged with Q&A and chat during the event

About PCNA:
The Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) is a professional organization for nurses and other healthcare providers. PCNA promotes nurses as leaders in cardiovascular disease prevention and management. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, PCNA has 37 chapters across the country as well as international members. PCNA strives to provide continuing education, professional development, learning resources and more to a network of over 11,000 nurses and healthcare providers.

Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) Customer Success Story