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Association Trends 2020

From Disruption
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Insights into meeting the needs of evolving memberships.

This year has been a wild ride, where do you go from here?

We know you are working harder than ever before. We’ve got your back with brand new insights on…

  • How associations have been responding to this year’s challenges
  • What trends have emerged with member preferences
  • And, what both association professionals and members think lies ahead

This report will help guide your association’s strategies and give you actionable takeaways to increase engagement and loyalty.

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Insight 1


Training and continuing education remains as not only an  overall  important membership benefit, but  certain  member  groups  now  view their association as their primary source of professional training.  

Training is the most-valued benefit to early-careerist members


71 percent of Hispanics say that training is the second most valued benefit


As current members are valuing their professional association virtual courses that can be consumed anywhere, anytime improves member value and retention. Virtual learning can also attract younger members that value training in an online platform.

Insight 2

Career Advancement

As members have seen a decline in new job opportunities in their field, career advancement benefits have become more important to their membership. However, association professionals may be undervaluing how essential these benefits are to their members.


Association Professionals undervalue the importance of career advancement

Helping with career advancement is most important to early careerists


There is an opportunity to improve member value by implementing career advancement benefits. Attract new members by offering training and resources that aid them in advancing their careers in a recovering job climate.

Insight 3


Members who are seeking certifications  to maintain or grow their careers are likely to look to their associations to offer  these  programs. Among certain member groups, this can be a major cost justification for new members to join.


Taking a certification program is the second most popular way late-careerists engage with associations.

Members value the ROI they see in the career advancement that comes with certifications 


Associations that serve industries that require certifications and credentials to keep or attain certain job have an opportunity to offer programs that members can use to advance their careers. Utilizing a learning platform that can offer these programs to members can be a simple way to increase member value.

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