You’ve learned about the necessity of developing an effective content strategy for your continuing education courses, but do you know how to create a marketing plan to successfully advertise your continuing education (CE) courses?

Read on to discover tips for marketing your CE courses and events to attract more learners and separate your program from the competition.   


Elements to include in your marketing plan for your continuing education courses 

Try implementing the following methods in your marketing plan to drive registration in your CE courses and events:   



TECH TIP: The Freestone and YourMembership integration leverages Single Sign-On for staff and learners, providing a seamless user experience from your website and member pages to your learning catalog and classroom, with consistent branding on every page. 


       2. Social media. Utilize your social media platforms to promote your upcoming CE courses and events. Try leveraging ads to reach a larger audience in your industry. When you create ads across your social media platforms, it will help you reach more learners and generate even more interest in your CE program. 


      3. Printed promotional materials. Printed promo materials may seem like a thing of the past, but you can use them in this unique way to stay effective in 2023. Try sending personal notes to a few key prospects with invites to your next event or course. This adds a custom touch to your marketing and will make your program stand out above the rest. Additionally, if it works for your target demographic, consider sending mailers with a QR code to streamline the registration process for your learners.  


       4. Email. Email is arguably the most cost-effective method to reach your learners. It also  provides helpful data and statistics for your CE program. When you send out an email newsletter to your learners, make sure to include all the necessary information about your upcoming event or CE course. For follow-up emails, try mixing up the details of your message, but ensure you keep the same talking points for consistency.


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       5. Telephone marketing. Try calling key influencers or prospects in your industry and invite them to your next event. Personalize your invitation, making it memorable and creative. Thank key prospects for signing up for a course or event with a thank you card or personalized email. 


       6. Paid digital advertising. Utilize paid digital advertising to help increase awareness about your CE program and target specific audience segments.  


       7. Videos. Try creating a short video for your next annual event or CE course. Videos have high engagement rates and are easy to share across social media platforms and in email campaigns. Involve your course speakers by asking them to create a brief introductory video highlighting who they are and what they’ll be presenting in their course.   


TECH TIP: Choose the powerful integration of Freestone and YourMembership to boost your CE success. With Freestone + YourMembership you can offer Credit Sync empowering learners to track their progress in their AMS profile. Once courses are submitted in Freestone, the course is marked completed in YourMembership.   


        8. Surveys. Following any event, be sure to survey learners to get feedback. Getting your attendee’s feedback is crucial to understanding their perspective and improving your future events and overall CE program.  


Learn more tips to boost your CE program success 

For more ways to increase your CE program success, check out this webinar on How to Effectively Sell and Incorporate Sponsorships into your CE Webinars on April 19th at 11:30 AM ET.  

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