Celebrating even more than just the holidays

As we approach the end of the year, we celebrate with awards and moments of recognition to highlight the success of the previous year. With our constantly changing environment, recognizing accomplishments in the event industry can be frequent but also short lived.

Event Planning StressAs event professionals, it can be hard to turn off our inner planner to sit back and relax for our holiday celebrations. Many people do not take the time to recognize the dedication and hard work that goes into planning events.

In past studies, event planning has been shown to be one of the top 5 most stressful jobs in the world. EventOPS explains in their blog “Why Is Event Planning Stressful?” that things many people struggle with in their day to day lives are the items that an event planner’s job depends on. Challenges like: communication, deadlines, working with third parties, and budget management.

2021 Association Trends StudyAssociations and events professionals in our Community Brands 2021 Association Trends Survey revealed that 78 percent of professionals say they are working harder than before. Some of top ways organizations plan to address the increased workload is to invest in new technology. When looking for a new LMS, keep in mind all that Freestone has to offer.

Freestone provides an intuitive, user-friendly experience that makes it easy to both present and participate in events. Featuring a variety of interactive tools that help online courses meet live learning requirements, this customizable solution not only makes a powerful LMS first impression, but also provides a seamless administrative experience for organizations seeking to build content offerings and identifying potential revenue opportunities.

Why it is Important to Celebrate Your Progress

Teresa M. Amabile from The Harvard Business School conducted a study called “The Progress Principle“. Amabile revealed that the effort of tracking small victories each day boosts the employees’ motivation. She then went on to explain that when we record our progress and appreciate more of our small wins, we boost our confidence.

The Power of Small Wins goes into more detail on how when we celebrate our victories, our brain releases dopamine that energizes us and makes us feel good. It makes us want to take more action and do more of it. Celebrating all the little wins will in the end help you keep motivated and grow your confidence.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – OPRAH WINFREY

Small Ways to Celebrate

It can be difficult to consciously recognize and celebrate small wins, but as we wrap up 2021, here are some tricks to help keep the celebration going all year long.

  1. Make it Timely – Break it down into daily or weekly little goals that signify progress. This way, you are reminded of your overall goal and every time you surpass a small one, you know you are one step closer to achieving your goal.
  2. Celebrate Small SuccessShare your goals – It could be with a friend or spouse or even broadcast your goals on social media, either way you are more likely to keep reaching and accomplishing your goals if someone else is supporting you.
  3. Reward yourself – Maybe this year you purchase that last minute gift for yourself and throughout 2022, rather than just acknowledging your win, get that same reward every time you hit a goal. Indulge in your favorite pastry, book yourself a massage, or start a different tradition every time you reach that small win.

Community Brands will be closing between December 24 – and January 4, 2022 to allow employees to rejuvenate and refresh before Starting 2022.

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