End-to-end technology for all of your events.

From online registration, donations, and attendee tracking to mobile apps and exhibition management – we have the solutions you need to manage every aspect of your event.

Our event technology software and solutions are built with custom configurations in mind. You can mix and match features, dashboards, reports, and more to create your own ideal event management software solution

Provide a better event experience
– from start to finish.

Save time and reduce stress with integrated solutions that give you the ultimate event planning convenience.

Smarter event planning

Create branded event registration sites, manage content and abstracts, and print badges when attendees check in on site.

Greater attendee and sponsor engagement

Engage attendees with event mobile apps, attract and manage exhibitors, and equip sponsors with lead retrieval software.

Better data, better insights

Maximize your event ROI by tracking goals, progress, metrics, registrants, and revenue from attendees and sponsorships.

Fundraising opportunities

Easily run an auction and collect donations through the industry’s best mobile fundraising and bidding platform.

Virtual Conference Solutions

Take your conference online with virtual conference software.

Our goal is to provide event planners with event management software that fits their needs. That’s why our event tech suite is built with custom configurations in mind. You can mix and match features, dashboards, reports, and more to create your own perfect event management software solution.

Make it easy to plan, promote and host a virtual conference all while engaging attendees and giving exhibitors the exposure they desire.
Offer attendees a full, online conference experience complete with live networking, virtual sessions, exhibit halls and even poster sessions.
Broadcast live webinars and sessions to online attendees, with the opportunity for them to submit for credit on the spot.
Transform the way you host events with robust virtual conference software featuring custom lobbies, networking lounges, exhibit booths, and webcast auditoriums.
Offer an interactive virtual exhibit hall and scientific posters and engage your attendees using mobile app discussion forums and networking.

You can offer a full, interactive online event with our virtual conference software.

Comprehensive event
management software.

Our complete suite of event management technology is specifically designed to help you handle every aspect of your events. It brings together the best event management software and services in the industry, helping you optimize your event and trade show management – from beginning to end.

Transforming events into experiences.

The industry’s most powerful, integrated portfolio of event technology solutions.

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